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Reddit users find the best burrito spots in Phoenix

Phoenix is well known for its Southwestern cuisine and delicious Mexican food.

Reddit users recently made it easier to find the best burritos in the city, ranking their favorite places to chow down on all types of burritos, from spicy green chile pork to the traditional bean and cheese. The discussion started after Reddit user “In_the_heat” asked for opinions on the best, authentic burritos in town.

I’m not talking about some gourmet burrito with creme fraiche and duck confit. I’m talking about the place where day laborers go for lunch. The place that cuts up a cow’s head and turns it into awesomeness. The place that fills you for a reasonable price with amazing deliciousness, cooked by a guy who doesn’t speak a word of English. That place.

Check out the top spots recommended by Redditors below. Did your favorite place make the list?