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Hillary Clinton holds firm lead over Bernie Sanders during Super Tuesday

Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign event at Miles College Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016, in Fairfield, Ala. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

The race for the Democratic presidential nomination is tilting heavily in Hillary Clinton’s favor as Super Tuesday continues.

The former Secretary of State has a considerable lead over Bernie Sanders and is moving one giant step closer to becoming the party’s nominee. She has won Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Massachusetts so far.

Sanders claimed his home state of Vermont, Oklahoma, Colorado and Minnesota.

Going in to Super Tuesday, both Clinton and Sanders had different goals: The former looked to build a lead large enough to put the race out of Sanders’ reach, while the latter looked to survive in a race increasingly slipping through his fingers.

Clinton has held an advantage going into the Southern region. She saw heavy support from black voters in the South Carolina primary, which put her in pole position to drub the Vermont senator.

It seems as if Clinton had already placed Super Tuesday behind her in recent days, as she began to focus on the likely Republican nominee, Donald Trump. She cast herself as a civil alternative to the insults and bullying that have consumed the GOP race.

“What we can’t let happen is the scapegoating, the flaming, the finger pointing that is going on the Republican side,” she told voters gathered in Springfield, Massachusetts. “It really undermines our fabric as a nation. So, I want to do everything I can in this campaign to set us on a different course.”

Clinton and Sanders will face off next in a Sunday debate after heading off to caucuses in Kansas, Louisiana and Nebraska on Saturday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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