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Follow Republican candidates on Super Tuesday with our delegate tracker

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Super Tuesday is starting to look like Donald Trump’s day.

Trump is projected for wins in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Virginia, Arkansas and Vermont.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has swept in his home state, Oklahoma and barely beat the billionaire to take Alaska. Marco Rubio took home Minnesota.

Along with Trump, Rubio and Cruz are vying for 595 delegates spread across 11 states on Super Tuesday. Delegates will be awarded proportionally on Super Tuesday; there are no winner-take-all states.

Trump, the current frontrunner, could slam the door on one or more campaigns if he claims heavy victories. The New York billionaire is riding a wave of momentum after sweeping the last three GOP primaries.

Trump’s primary rivals, Cruz and Rubio, spent the lead up to Super Tuesday doing what they could to keep the nomination away from Trump, including arguing that he is a conservative impostor.

With so many races going on, we wanted to make things easier to follow. You can return to this page during and after Super Tuesday to see a live state-by-state breakdown of how each candidate fared and any updated news.

We included a delegate tracker at the top that shows how close each presidential hopeful is to locking up the nomination. You can see how each state voted below.

We also created a separate page for the Democrats on Super Tuesday. It can be found here.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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