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Two for the price of one: Ben Affleck sneaks Matt Damon onto ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

They say best friends travel in pairs, but who would’ve guessed some even share the same clothing (at the same time)?

Newly-single Ben Affleck used an oversized jacket to sneak in — although, not so inconspicuously — Matt Damon on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Sunday.

(Not a bad package deal, if you ask me.)

For those who forgot, Damon and Kimmel have had a long-running “feud” since 2009, when Damon and Kimmel’s ex-girlfriend, comedian Sarah Silverman, made a vulgar video regarding their fictional sexual relationship.

In retaliation, Kimmel made an equally vulgar video in response, only this time it revolved around his fictional sexual relationship with Damon’s BFF — Affleck,

Despite their differences, Kimmel spoke with the award-winning actors/best friends/World’s Sexiest Men about the Academy Awards.

The pair made their first Oscar appearance in 1997, for their screenplay and starring roles in “Good Will Hunting.”

Good to see the group has gotten over their differences and can get along.

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