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ADOT on track to issue federally-approved REAL IDs in Arizona

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX — The Arizona Department of Transportation is on schedule to issue federally-compliant REAL IDs beginning in April, the agency said.

The new form of identification, the Voluntary Travel ID, is described as an amped-up driver’s license or state ID card in terms of security. State legislators passed and Gov. Doug Ducey signed a law in 2015 to roll out the new IDs to meet federal requirements.

Current Arizona credentials will be accepted at airport security and restricted federal buildings until October 2020 after the Department of Homeland Security granted the state an extension to begin issuing the new IDs.

ADOT spokesman Ryan Harding said because of the extension Arizonans should not feel rushed to purchase the new IDs immediately.

“It will be available by April but there is no need to rush,” Harding said. “People are still going to be able to use their current Arizona IDs.”

Enhancements to the new ID make it more difficult for people to copy. One of the most notable changes is the expiration date.

“While our current credentials are good until a person’s 65th birthday, this one will only be good for eight years,” he said.

Purchasing a REAL ID is voluntary and will cost an estimated $15.

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