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Sharper Point: Can America survive if Donald Trump wins Super Tuesday?

On the eve of Super Tuesday, I wanted to discuss a very important question: Can America survive if Donald Trump wins and eventually becomes president?

While Super Tuesday awards more than half of the delegates Trump needs to win the Republican nomination, there’s a good chance he could emerge as the presumptive nominee and be unstoppable in a short amount of time.

So let’s imagine this: Trump wins most of the delegates on Super Tuesday, goes on to claim the Republican nomination and then wins the White House. What happens to America?

Thanks to a little system called the separation of powers, not a lot. Trump may be the president in this hypothetical situation, but without the help of his hypothetical Congress, he’s not going to get a whole lot done, despite all his big talk.

The American political system has been no stranger to mudslinging since, basically, its inception. We’ve seen a lot of bad things said about candidates over the years and we’re all still here. History repeats itself, right?

So don’t go too crazy on Tuesday night if Trump wins a lot of delegates. After all, even if he wins, our system of balances will still keep the billionaire in check.

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