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Denver woman briefly stranded in Phoenix after airline said she never flew there

PHOENIX — A Denver woman standing at a Spirit Airlines ticket gate in Phoenix was unable to fly home Tuesday after a ticket agent said her ticket was canceled because she did not board her original flight from Denver.

Shari Weissman told KDVR in Denver she spent the previous two days in Phoenix due to a family emergency.

“She said, ‘yes Ma’am, I know you`re standing here in front of me, but you were not on the flight.’ And I said ‘do you understand how ridiculous this sounds? I`m here in Phoenix, you`re telling me I was not on your flight to Phoenix,” asked Weissmann.

Weissman had receipts from her plane ticket, hotel and rental car, but did not have her boarding pass from the flight into Arizona.

Weissman was able to return to Denver after purchasing a Southwest Airlines ticket.

Spirit Airlines spokeperson Paul Berry later released a statement saying the airline regrets the situation.

“Our records show Ms. Weissman boarded the plane, and then for an unknown reason our records show that she unboarded the plane. In such circumstances the remaining legs of a customer’s travel are canceled. When Ms. Weissman worked with an agent at our ticket counter we tried to resolve the problem, but she could not produce the necessary documentation to allow us to help her. We are still investigating why and how this could have happened.”

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