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Glendale firefighters rescue woman and pets from fire

GLENDALE, Ariz. — A woman is being treated for second-degree burns from a fire that occurred in Glendale.

“We had a first alarm apartment fire near 50th Avenue and Camelback Road,” Glendale Fire Department Public Information Officer Ron Hart said. “We had a fire that started in the tenant occupancy on the bottom floor and extended up into the second floor, where that fire trapped the woman on her balcony. She had to essentially be rescued by firefighters with a ladder.”

Hart said the woman was not the only victim firefighters saved from the fire.

“They rescued a dog, and provided resuscitation to the dog with a FIDO bag, and then later on they ended up finding a cat that was still alive,” Hart explained.

Four people are currently homeless now due to the extent of the fire. There is no cause for the fire, but investigators are present on the scene.

Hart did bring to light the absence of a smoke detector in the apartment, something that could prevent situations like these in the future.

“Apparently this occupancy didn’t have a smoke detector on board, so we always encourage smoke detectors.”

The woman’s second-degree burns were deemed non-life threatening.

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