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Best Halloween treats can be found at retirement community

PHOENIX — If you’re looking for the best place for your kids to score the best Halloween treats, head to an area with a high population of people over 60.

Today reported those over 60 are the most likely to hand out treats on Halloween.

In the association’s recent survey of 1,800 adult consumers, 84 percent of people in that demographic planned to hand out candy this year, compared with 75 percent overall. And they’re well-stocked, too: Only 37 percent of respondents in this category reported running out of treats, versus half of the general population.

Today said older people are more likely to ave candy because their generation was the first to both trick-or-treat and send kids out hunting for candy. Also, they’re more likely to be home.

“We found that they are less likely to do things like go to an adult-oriented Halloween party,” [National Confectioners Association vice president of communications Susan] Whiteside says. The survey found that while about 51 percent of the 18-to-29 year old age group is likely to attend a Halloween party, only 14 percent of the 60-plus generation is.

The only downside? Older people are more likely to hand out traditional treats, like candy corn. Blech.

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