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Antelope owns a nosy drone

Drone vs. Antelope

ICYMI: This West Texas pronghorn antelope gave the drone pilot a look at nature's majesty, immediately followed by nature's fury!MORE:

Posted by WFAA-TV on Saturday, February 20, 2016

Welcome to the open plains of Clarendon, Texas, where a single antelope is minding his own business when a drone comes upon him.

The creature is maybe half curious, half perturbed when the buzzing object descends, but this is only a small nuisance at this point. Running away, the antelope believes he’s rid himself of the drone, but the owner keeps chase.

Dropping lower, to the beast’s eye-level, the drone gets even closer this time. And there’s the mistake. This antelope doesn’t have much patience for such things and quickly turns, butting the drone to the ground by knocking off a prop.

A line has been crossed, and the victor of this brief battle is clear.

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