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Parents need to instill academic responsibility in their children

PHOENIX — Learning is important and it’s up to parents to instill a sense of academic responsibility in their children, an education specialist said.

“The idea of student personal academic responsibility is that they’re in charge of their school work as well as be able to manage their time,” Jaimie Gosling, president of the Arizona School Counselors Association, said.

Gosling said it is important for parents to maintain open communication with kids about school and help out if they can.

“Supporting them with their goals,” she said. “Continuing to help them, giving them those tips and tricks, so that they know what to do.”

In addition to talking about school, Gosling said parents can help their child by talking about educational goals. For example, if a child wants to do well and get all A’s, a parent can help them manage their time better.

“Whether it be through an agenda, a use of a calendar, that’s something that they’re going to have to use throughout their life,” she said.

Gosling said some kids can fall off the pace or go off-track, especially as parents lost focus later in a child’s education. She said there are warning signs a child is not taking his or her education seriously.

“Poor grades, they’re not doing their work, [or] they’re not taking tests well,” she said. “Or poor attendance, they’re not showing up to school, or they’re not showing up to school on time.”