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Phoenix-area waterfront displays art projects from local, international artists

(Photo: Scottsdale Public Art)

PHOENIX — Art projects are on display at the Scottsdale Waterfront though this weekend.

“It’s a way to highlight public art, (that) is unique throughout the country,” Donna Isaac, director of Scottsdale Public Art, said.

The fourth-annual Canal Convergence Art + Water + Light show will feature 12 local and international artists, including Bruce Munro, KAZ Shirane, Purring Tiger, Lindsay Kinkade and Edina Tokodi.

“The experience is all about the installations and the artists, so there is really nothing else that takes people’s attention away,” Isaac said.

The Scottsdale Public Art collaborated with SRP for the event, which not only covers the light and art aspects of the show, but also the important theme surrounding Arizona’s water system, she said.

“The water is a very important feature,” she said. “This is one section, and it’s a beautiful section of the Arizona canal, but overall, there is 131 miles of canal throughout the Valley that SRP oversees.”

The canal system of untreated water flowing through from rivers higher up is what allows us to live in the Valley, she said.

For the first year, the Scottsdale Waterfront event will stretch between Scottsdale and Goldwater roads, she said.

The art and dance displays, live music and free workshops where the public can interact with the artists run through Feb. 28.

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