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Eat up! Phoenix restaurant ranks among best doughnut shops in nation

(Facebook/Welcome Chicken and Donuts)

PHOENIX — When it comes to unusual food pairs involving fried chicken, Phoenix has it all.

At first, it was fried chicken and waffles — a Southern staple — and now there is fried chicken and…doughnuts?

(Yes, that’s right: doughnuts.)

Welcome Chicken and Donuts, a Phoenix restaurant featuring the silly supper, has recently been ranked among 33 of the best doughnut shops in the nation, according to

Welcome Chicken and Donuts, located at 16th Street and Buckeye Road in Phoenix, is a part of the “Welcome Hospitality,” a group of restaurants that includes the Welcome Diner at 10th Street and Roosevelt Street in Phoenix.

Some of the shop’s specialty doughnuts include bourbon apple fritter, chocolate coconut almond and grapefruit mimosa.

Classic restaurants such as Chicken & Donuts in San Francisco inspired partners Sloane McFarland, Michael Babcock and Jenn Robinson to bring the odd pairing of chicken and waffles to the Valley — and needless to say, they haven’t disappointed.

McFarland and team went so far as to renovate an old Kentucky Fried Chicken to house their establishment, according to the website.

So, what are you waiting for? Happy eating!

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