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Achoo! Warm temperatures mean early allergies in Arizona

PHOENIX — If you’re feeling like you’re sneezing a bit more than normal, you’re not imagining it: Arizona’s allergy season started a little early year.

Phoenix allergist Dr. Michael Saavedra said warmer-than-average temperatures are increasing pollen production in plants.

“The pollen starts to be released from grasses, weeds, and trees during this time of year and people can expect to experience sneezing, congestion, runny nose, coughing, and for those who have asthma, the asthma symptoms tend to flare around this time, also,” he said.

Saavedra said allergies are worse on windy days because pollen is distributed across wider areas and affects more people.

While the season may have started early, Saavedra said sufferers can take steps to alleviate their symptoms. He said the first step is to get tested for allergies.

“And then we work through some treatment options with them that include helping them avoid the things they’re allergic to, recommending medications that can help mask some of the symptoms, and in some cases, we also provide immune therapy, which is allergy shots, and that’s how we try to make people actually less allergic to the environment,” he said.

Saveedra said allergy season in the Valley usually lasts until the end of May when temperatures get very high.

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