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Phoenix Children’s Hospital patient: ‘I’m living proof!’

LISTEN: Anthony Jr. with mom and dad at Give-A-Thon

On Feb. 6, 2009, Anthony Sr. and Tyesha Massey were in a car accident. Tyesha was 34 weeks pregnant with Anthony Jr.

They were both injured and rushed to St. Joe’s Hospital, where Tyesha had an emergency C-Section. Anthony Jr. had been deprived of oxygen for 45 minutes at that point. He was airlifted to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Tyesha suffered a broken nose, severe facial lacerations and a concussion. She woke up with tubes in her throat and freaked out when she realized her baby was no longer in her stomach. She was told that he survived and was at PCH, but wasn’t told of his condition right away so that she could recover.

After Anthony Sr. arrived at PCH he found out his son had no brain activity. He was in a coma and had suffered a stroke and seizures.

The hospital has one of the few “Neuro NICUs” in the nation. Anthony Jr. had been put on what’s called “cooling therapy” to try to minimize the cascade of brain damage that occurs when a baby has a lack of oxygen.

“They told us we would have to wait and see,” Tyesha said.

After nearly two weeks of no brain activity, the family had meetings with the PCH team to discuss their options. They had a family meeting to decide what to do.

Within a few days they saw their first signs of brain activity.

Now Anthony Jr. is a non-stop, all-day-long energetic boy.

He is very determined and works hard in speech, physical and occupational therapy to overcome developmental delays.

For someone who almost didn’t make it, he truly loves life.

While his story was being told on the air he was walking around shouting, “I’m living proof.”

Proof that Phoenix Children’s Hospital provides hope, healing, and the best health care for children and their families.

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