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Tempe business creates mobile metabolism tracker to help with weight loss

PHOENIX — A Valley business says its new mobile metabolism tracker is ready for large-scale use.

Breezing, a Tempe-based company, recently launched the new fitness product aimed at giving users the ability to track their metabolism simply by breathing.

Kathy Huang of Breezing said the mobile app pairs with a stand-alone breathalyzer device to measure the speed of one’s metabolism.

“The app guides you through the measurement process, so as you’re breathing, the app will tell you how you’re doing,” Huang said. “Then it will give you your results — like how many calories you’ve burned — then after that you have the option to go into and set a plan.”

With that plan, Huang said users can set weight goals, and the app will help guide them to achieving those goals.

“Set your target goals, your target weight, your target exercise goals, your target diet goals,” she said. “Then from there, it will help you out with what you’re trying to achieve.”

Huang said accurately monitoring metabolism is an important tool in reaching one’s desired weight.

“For people that find out that they can lose or gain weight, there’s probably something else going on here,” she said. “So metabolic tracking is more comprehensive (and) a bigger picture of what’s happening.”

The mobile application is now available for Apple products, and the breathalyzer device is available on the Breezing’s website.

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