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Repayment program to help Phoenix drivers clear traffic fines to get back licenses

PHOENIX — Some Phoenix drivers now have a way to clear a big obstacle in getting back their suspended licenses quicker through a fines-repayment program.

The Compliance Assistance Program was specifically for drivers whose licenses were suspended because of outstanding traffic fines.

Suspensions are pulled off the books when drivers begin making monthly payments. Previously, balances had to be paid in full.

“Past due traffic fines can easily add up to become a big expense,” Councilman Michael Nowakowski said last month.

Driver must appear in court to sign up.

Court staff would determine the payment amount, based on the driver’s financial circumstances.

“The Compliance Assistance Program can be an affordable way for people to get control of and take responsibility for their past due fines, avoid costly collection fees and restore their drivers’ licenses,” Nowakowski said.

Phoenix Municipal Court Chief Presiding Judge Don Taylor said the fines were for civil traffic violations such as speeding or illegally parking.

The program was expected to help reduce the city’s $283 million fine backlog. It would, in theory, end the cycle of late fees and other penalties.

KJZZ reported city officals said more 1,000 people had already signed up.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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