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Phoenix Suns have finally rid themselves of the cancer that was Markieff Morris

Phoenix Suns' Markieff Morris (11) shoots over Minnesota Timberwolves' Mo Williams during the second half of an NBA basketball game, Friday, Jan. 16, 2015, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Matt York)

For Phoenix Suns fans, Thursday’s news either marked the end of an era or the hopeful reemergence of a team burdened by the firing of a head coach, an atrocious season record and a player who has caused the team more harm than good.

That’s right: the Suns finally traded Markieff Morris to the Washington Wizards. And some Suns fans are tearing down the nets at Talking Stick Arena as if we just won a title.

But here’s the question we all should be asking: what in the names of all things basketball took so long? Morris has been a cancer within the Suns organization for way too long.

Let’s face it, Morris is a good player — at best. There’s no need to keep him around! Let him ride his little hoverboard all the way to Washington, the Suns will go on without him.

Pay attention, all the business owners and managers out there. Let’s turn this moment into a teachable lesson.

For those who have a “Markieff Morris” of their own on staff, even though they might be the best sales representative in the business, they’re a pain to deal with on the court — er, I mean, office.

Do yourself a favor and fire this brat first thing tomorrow morning!

Yes, you you heard me! The Markieff Morris’s of the business world need to be purged from your system.

Mark my words, you’ll see an increase in production from your entire staff.

You will also look like a true leader who makes decisions based on the overall health of your organization and not based on immediate gains at the expense of your team.

Plus, it’s not like the Suns traded down: we gained Kris Humphries — yes, ex-Mr. Kim Kardashian himself — Dejuan Blair and a projected first-round draft pick.

I think we can call that a win.

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