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Seven signs you may be about to get fired

PHOENIX — It’s Friday, which means the weekend is almost here — but are you worried that it could be your last Friday on the job? says there are seven signs that could mean a pink slip is coming your way.

“The single biggest sign has to do with the relationship with your boss,” said employment expert Jack Milligan of Leathers, Milligan and Associates in Phoenix. “If the trajectory and the tenor of your relationship with your boss has changed, look out.”

If your boss is avoiding you, that’s not a good sign.

Another hint that it might be time to start looking for a new job might be an announcement that your company is merging with another.

“That’s almost always a euphemism for ‘We’re going to take cost out of the combined organization,'” Milligan said. “Since, inevitably, the single biggest cost factor is people, they’re going to reduce the cost of people by reducing people.”

Other signs include:

• If you’ve recently been disciplined;

• Some of your responsibilities have been reassigned to someone else;

• If your company is going automated;

• The boss says “no” to you going to a professional development luncheon.

Also, if your company asks you to create a job description for your position, that’s a good sign they’re giving it to someone else.

Milligan said worried employees may be able to get back into their boss’ good graces and keep their job by asking for more duties.

“Volunteer for everything,” he said. “Make sure that the organization looks to you as a ‘can do’ person.”

Otherwise, you may hear those dreaded two words: “You’re fired!”