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Mac & Gaydos take shots at Arizona Coyotes’ Nathan Schoenfeld

Nathan Schoenfeld’s life took a pretty big turn on Tuesday, when the bank manager found himself going from bathing his twin boys to pulling on a sweater as a member of the Arizona Coyotes with an hour.

He made all sorts of headlines, as the sports world — and we — learned that the team had Schoenfeld on a list of emergency goaltenders, should one of the team’s be injured with little notice.

Such was the case Tuesday, when backup Anders Lindback suffered an injury in warm-ups and Schoenfeld’s phone rang.

He didn’t see any ice time in the team’s 6-2 win over the Montreal Canadiens, but he was the celebrity of the game. After the game, the team gave him the game belt and he sat at his locker beaming, talking to media and joking that he was going to sneak his No. 40 jersey into his bag.

We wanted to meet the celebrity himself, but also wanted to test his skills. After all, this guy had not played competitive hockey in almost a decade. How good could he be?

Well, we found out why he’s on the Coyotes’ emergency goaltender list. Schoenfeld was nice enough to come down to the studio and let us take shots on him.

We, well, we found out we’re not the next Wayne Gretzky.

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