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Phoenix woman discovered hoarding monkey, cats, dogs

PHOENIX — Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies are striving to get a Maryvale woman to a hospital after she was discovered to be hoarding huge amounts of objects and animals in her home.

Officials found several cats, dogs and a monkey in the 78-year-old’s house, which reeked of garbage and dead animals. The pets were not well cared-for and will be taken to appropriate veterinary facilities.

The deputies believe there are more cats in the house, but they were unable to reach them because of the house is so full.

The house is located near 59th Avenue and Indian School Road. Those who live near the woman said they suspected her of having mental health problems before authorities got involved.

The woman who lives next door asked not to be identified but said her neighbor often exhibited behavior that was out of the ordinary.

“She’ll look through the windows at night and call my daughter’s name, that scares me,” she said. “Not only that, she’ll be sitting at three o’clock in the morning, pulled up in front of our house, looking directly in our windows and just sitting there, staring, and it creeps me out.”