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Report: Jodi Arias denied some visiting privileges for insulting guard

PHOENIX — Convicted murderer Jodi Arias has reportedly been denied some visiting privileges after she allegedly insulted a prison guard.

Radar Online reports Arias made the comment on Feb. 3, but the report was released earlier this week.

The site said Arias allegedly used foul language toward a guard when she was not allowed to get a haircut and lost contact visitation privileges as a result.

Arias was given a disciplinary hearing at the Perryville Women’s Prison, where she is locked up. She said the term she used was taken out of context.

The report explains Arias’s defense and then the verdict the prison rendered: “Inmate claims she hears other inmates talk that way all the time and figured it was okay. Inmate was advised that conduct was not to be expected and she should act on her own not how others do. Based on her comfort level of making statements that are inappropriate while staff and other inmates are around about an administrator she is guilty.”

Arias also reportedly told the guard to look up the term on Urban Dictionary, a website for slang.

The Arizona Department of Corrections told Radar that Arias would have to “demonstrate at least 180 days of good behavior” to get her contact visitation privileges restored.

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