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Child cancer patients shave heads of Phoenix Children’s Hospital workers

PHOENIX — The seventh floor of Phoenix Children’s Hospital became a barber shop Tuesday to promote Cancer Awareness Month.

Doctors and nurses could only laugh or grimace as their young cancer patients played barber and shaved off staffers’ coiffs in a show of support for cancer awareness and the kids.

Nurse Chris Oless held a sign that read, “Hair is overrated” as his 8-year-old patient, Orey, acted as his barber.

“Orey has no idea what life without cancer is,” Oless said. “Unfortunately, he relapsed after his first go at trying to battle with leukemia. He’s one of my patients with leukemia. He goes on and just continue living his life, and I consider him as one of my heroes.”

Orey liked shaving Oless’ head. “It was fun,” the boy said.

But Orey admitted that cutting part of Oless’ hair was tough.

“It was mostly the top part, because it was kind of hard to get to it.”

Oless hopes events, like Tuesday’s head shaving, raise cancer awareness and lead to a cure for Orey.

“I’m hoping to put myself out of a job, basically,” he said.