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What a difference a year makes: August 2013 versus August 2014

PHOENIX — You likely noticed, but in case you haven’t, the Phoenix area experienced two very different Augusts in the past two years.

Last year, it was hot — think average highs about 105 degrees hot. Though it was nothing compared to June 2013 or the record heat in August 2011 when we basically lived in an oven, August 2013 was certainly no picnic. With a high number of thunderstorms and little rain, the Valley saw a hot summer wrapped in monsoon humidity.

Jump ahead to August 2014, and it’s another story. This month has seen several days slip under 100 degrees and two torrential downpours that caused flooding near South Mountain and the north Valley, respectively.

All that rain brought Valley temperatures down an average of three degrees per day. It may not sound like much, but factor in the difference between cooler nights, lower highs and powerful storms, and we’ve had a more comfortable August, relatively speaking.

Check out more stats about August 2013 versus August 2014 below.