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Dispute outside Valley residence leaves one dead, one injured

PHOENIX — A heated dispute outside a central Phoenix home left one dead and one injured early Sunday morning.

The incident occurred around 3:15 a.m., as a sergeant with the Phoenix Police Department was riding in his patrol car near the area of 4000 E. Southern Ave.

As the sergeant was making his way around the neighborhood, he heard multiple gunshots fired from south of the area.

Upon a scope of the neighborhood, he eventually found a vehicle with multiple bullet strikes outside a residence in the area of 4000 E. Nancy Lane.

In the front yard of the home, the officer found two gunshot victims — a 35-year-old male who suffered a wound to the torso and a 28-year-old female who suffered a wound to the upper arm.

Both were transported to a local area hospital, where the male victim ultimately succumbed to his wound.

According to the report, investigators were told that the two victims were dropped off at the residence just minutes before the gunshots rang out.

The male victim reportedly got into a fight with two unknown males, described as Hispanic-looking. When the victim exited his vehicle, one or both of the unknown males fired off multiple rounds.

Phoenix PD searched the neighborhood but neither of the suspects were found.

The investigation is ongoing at this time.