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Time is running out for Arizona governor

PHOENIX — During the last few months of her term, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer plans to bring the Republican Party together.

The party had been split between multiple candidates leading up to Tuesday’s primary election. Brewer said her role is to now get everyone on the same page.

“You know, I’m a particular hit of the Republican Party, so it is a responsibility of mine to try to build a consensus,” Brewer said.

Brewer said even though members of the Republican Party do not see eye-to-eye with each other on all the issues, they need to stand together between now and the General Election.

“We all believe and agree with each other 80 percent of the time and we need to really strongly believe that and do that and get our people elected,” she added.

She said one of her final responsibilities is to help develop a platform for Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey to run on.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Brewer explained. “It’s traditional and we have a strong platform that we want to follow to get our state and our country turned around.”

But make no mistake: Just because Brewer will be stepping down as governor doesn’t mean she will cease being vocal.

“[I won’t be] Jan Brewer the elected official,” she explained. “I can do or say what I really want to do at the appropriate times. That’s difficult when you’re governor, because you’re speaking for the state.”

The General Election will take place Nov. 4.

KTAR’s Jim Cross contributed to this report.