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Where do the top three GOP front-runners stand on issues?

PHOENIX — Are you still trying to figure out who to vote for?

The Arizona primary is Tuesday and some may be undecided on which candidate they will be backing. While multiple races will be determined, most are keeping an eye on the tight contest for the Republican gubernatorial slot.

While the race is by no means decided, Arizona Treasurer Doug Ducey and former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith are believed to be the front-runners, with dark horse candidate Christine Jones possibly making a late run.

“It is absolutely a two-person race between Scott Smith and Doug Ducey,” said Republican political consultant Bert Coleman last week. “I would have to guess that Doug Ducey is probably a few points ahead at this point.”

The winner of the primary will run on the GOP ticket against Democrat Fred DuVal, who is unopposed in the primary.

Many of the candidates were still hitting the campaign trail hard on Monday, but we figured we’d make things easy for you.

During the run-up to the primary, we asked the candidates where they stood on issues via Twitter. We called it Tweet the Vote. We figured we would make it easier on those who are still up in the air — here’s looking at you, Independents — about who they want to back in the GOP primary.

Keep in mind, all these responses were taken from Twitter and may not be grammatically correct.

Doug Ducey

Scott Smith

Christine Jones

How would you fight illegal immigration? No budget busting here. Looking at expanding RICO funds, raising fines for felons & privatizing the lottery. #KTARtweetthevote I’ve laid a out a clear, realistic plan to fix our immig. system that I’ll work to implement as Gov: You don’t. Immigration is federal policy. You secure the border. See for how. #KTARtweetthevote #azgov
How would you create high-paying jobs? We’ll start by getting gov’t out of the way — simpler, lower taxes & eliminating unnecessary regulation. #KTARtweetthevote Focus state on impl. of strategic, forward-thinking economic dev. plan based on AZ’s industry & regional strengths. #HEAT Get govt out of the way of private sector, keep taxes low & provide a friendly reg. environment, recruit #biz from out of state
What are your top priorities for education? Critical to K-12 edu is improving outcomes by replicating successful models statewide & funding wait lists #KTARtweetthevote Supporting higher standards that include children passing 3rd grade reading levels, + attracting & retaining great teachers. Yes to school choice. No to common core. Spend more efficiently. More dollars to classrooms. #KTARtweetthevote #azgov
What differentiates you from other candidates? @azcopinions put it best: Moving AZ forward requires ability 2 bring together diverse coalitions. Ducey has shown he can do it Only candidate that balanced a budget in the middle of a recession, proven results & leadership in private and public sectors. Detailed plans for #bordersecurity & #economic development. Proven #biz success. No strings attached.

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