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The 6 ‘feistiest’ campaign ads in the Arizona governor’s race

Six candidates are vying to be the GOP candidate for Arizona’s next governor. The primary election on Tuesday, Aug. 26, will decide who exactly that will be.

As the heated contest nears its finish, TIME magazine has listed the six “feistiest” campaign ads — one from each of the candidates — in the gubernatorial race.

TIME says most of the ads touch upon, if not completely focus on, each of the candidates’ stance on immigration, including securing the border.

Arizona has long been at the center of the national immigration policy debate, especially this year as record numbers of unaccompanied minors crossed the Mexico-United States border. Current Republican governor Jan Brewer — who championed the state’s controversial SB1070, or “show-me-your-papers,” law — is term-limited, and the race to take up her mantle has been feisty.

Former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith’s ad uses screaming sheep to rebuke claims from some of his competitors. You might want to turn down your speakers a little before watching this one.

Secretary of State Ken Bennett touts his business experience as well as his endorsements from four state law enforcement associations for his aspirations to “keep Arizona safe.”

State Treasuer Doug Ducey decries President Barack Obama’s handling of immigration and the border in a 30-second spot.

Former GoDaddy executive Christine Jones says she’ll direct troops to the border, have the fence finished and “send Obama the bill.”

Frank Riggs — a former police officer, Army serviceman and congressman — says he’ll secure the border and fight federal overreach as well as the “Obamanization of Arizona.”

The ad for Andrew Thomas, the former attorney for Maricopa County, says he’ll be tough on illegal immigration, liberal judges and gay-rights activists.

Fred DuVal, meanwhile, hasn’t had to do much campaigning to this point, being that he is the lone candidate on the Democratic ticket. He will face the winner of the GOP primary in the Nov. 4 general election. Libertarian candidate Barry Hess will also be on the ballot.