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Sports Illustrated plus-size cover model paints men into a corner

(Sports Illustrated Photo)

So “Sports Illustrated” has decided to break from tradition and play a game of “Let’s Make a Deal” with the cover of this year’s swimsuit edition.

This year, we get to decide between not one, not two, but THREE different cover models. It seems like a cool idea to me, so what is all of the controversy about?

Let’s meet the cover models:

First up, Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Ronda Rousey. She’s sporting a colorful one-piece and looking like a knock out — while looking like she wants to knock you out. You see what I did there?

Next, Hailey Clauson. HELLO! Let’s just say that Clauson looks every bit the SI cover model part.

So this must be what is causing all of the controversy: She is on the cover of the SWIMSUIT edition and not even wearing a swimsuit. She’s wearing half of a bikini. The other half is played by her hands covering her … naughty bits.

No? That’s not the controversial issue?

Oh, I see. Its contestant No. 3: Cover model Ashley Graham.

You see, Graham is considered a plus-size model by the industry. She is a size 16 and wearing a revealing bikini.

So there it is! “Sports Illustrated” has decided to celebrate different body types in bathing suits.

Women rejoiced and applauded the magazine for making such a bold move.

Men, not so much. We are stuck.

“Sports Illustrated” has painted us into a corner here. It appears that we have three options but we don’t. We have one!

We have to go with Graham or risk being labeled the guy that feeds into unrealistic body images for young women.

I say fight back, men. Ask those that judge you for picking Hailey Clauson one simple question:

If you had a choice between a magazine cover of me — and my dad bod  — sporting a Speedo or David Beckham in a Speedo, which would YOU reach for?


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