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Monsoon dropping lots of water, but drought remains unchanged

PHOENIX — The monsoon has delivered plenty of rainfall in several Arizona locations over the summer, but a climate expert said it won’t end the drought.

Arizona State University professor Randy Cerveny said all the rain still won’t end the drought that began in 1997.

Earlier this week New River and Black Canyon City saw several inches of rain; flooding ensued. During this monsoon the National Weather Service said Prescott has had 10.24 inches of rain, twice the norm. Flagstaff at nine inches was almost twice its average.

That may look good on paper, but “It doesn’t really soak in because it falls so intensely that it runs off as opposed to general rain that allows it to soak into the soil,” Cerveny said. “Snow cover is really the drought busting moisture that we need.”

El Nino is expected to bring more snow in the winter.