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Education taking a backseat to immigration on the campaign trail for now

Education has fallen behind immigration in the ongoing primary race, according to a Valley political expert.

The candidates view immigration as the red meat for now as they try to land the primary votes to move them down the road toward the governors office.

“Everybody in the Republican primary for governor has felt the need to look as mean and tough on the border as possible,” Stan Barnes said. “Democrat Fred DuVal has acknowledged there’s a problem but is focused more on other traditional campaign issues like the economy, jobs and education.”

Education isn’t viewed as sexy enough by the candidates even though it affects everyone who lives here.

“It always seems like the great unresolvable,” Barnes said. “It always ends up being that we need more money for state institutions, universities, colleges and K-12 schools.”

But if you poll people, education comes in behind immigration and the economy and jobs.

“Everybody wants to be on the ‘Yes I’m for education (bus) but the rubber meets the road when the budgets are done.”

While education has taken a backseat, it will be a major player in November’s general election.

“Immigration will perhaps be less of an issue and education will rise as more important of an issue.”

The Arizona primary is next Tuesday, Aug. 26.