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Police searching for suspect in Phoenix-area assault string [RE-BROADCAST]

Today, we’re telling you about two separate unsolved crimes.

New information may help lead to a man who was assaulting women at a sprawling apartment complex in Mesa on Country Club north of Southern.

But Phoenix police Sergeant Darren Burch said the guy left behind a blue baseball cap that read “Born to fish, forced to work.”

With it, investigators were able to determine he had attacked at that apartment complex before.

Find pictures and details about this case here.

Our next unsolved crime happened at the Wireless phone store at Bell Road and 29th Street in Phoenix.

Two suspects are accused of robbing the store’s register at gunpoint and taking the display phones. Burch said while it may be dumb to take dummy phones, this is a serious crime.

One suspect threatened the cashier with a handgun. The employee handed some cash from the register over to the suspect.

Find pictures and details about this case here.

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