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Group of puppies looking for new home after being abandoned in Tucson, Ariz.

PHOENIX — Valentine’s Day, the annual day of love, brought a lot of hope to a group of animals in need.

A group of 12 puppies are currently on the mend after being rescued by a hiker last week in Tucson, Arizona, according to The Guardian.

Due to the condition in which they were found, officials with the Humane Society of Southern Arizona said they were left to die in the southern Arizona desert. The puppies, ranging in age from eight weeks to four months, were “malnourished and dirty.”

The puppies have since been housed and well cared for at the shelter. Officials with the shelter will have no trouble finding homes for these pups: They said phones have been “ringing off the hook” with callers who hope to secure a man’s best friend of their own.

Unfortunately, the puppies are not quite ready to go home yet. According to the article, volunteers at the shelter said they estimate it will be a couple more weeks of rehab and rest before the puppies are ready to find a new forever home.