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Arizona Chick-fil-As get mobile pay system

PHOENIX — Customers at Chick-fil-A restaurants in Arizona no longer have to use cash or credit cards to pay for meals.

The chicken chain has a rolled out a free app enabling customers to pay using a cell phone.

“They’ll download the app, and use their credit card to load funds on their phone, just like you would on a gift card,” said Jeff Myles, owner of a Chick-fil-A location in Deer Valley, Ariz.

Each register is capable of scanning the app.

“Scan and pay with your phone,” said Myles. “It’s that simple, and you’re out the door.”

And you don’t have to be inside the store to do it.

“It does work in the drive-through,” Myles said. “We’ve got a little radar gun that we can reach right out of the window and scan it (the phone.)”

Myles thinks it’s more convenient that digging through a purse or wallet looking for money.

“For me, my phone is attached to my right hand everywhere I go,” he said. “Instead of fishing through your wallet, it’s right there. You can do it in just a second.”

There are more ways the restaurants are going high-tech. When lines get long at the drive-thru, Myles sends workers equipped with iPads to take orders. Chick-fil-A is also testing an app that will let you order before you get to the restaurant.