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It’s back: Phoenix to see record-setting high temperatures

PHOENIX — Dig out those bathing suits and lather on some sunscreen, it’s about to feel like summer in February.

Phoenix is expected to see record-high temperatures in this week’s forecast, according to the National Weather Service of Phoenix.

Phoenix could see temperatures as high as 90 degrees from Monday to Wednesday of this week before the weather starts to cool back down again.

If Wednesday hits 90 degrees, it could mark the earliest the Valley has ever seen a 90-plus high temperature. In 2015, the first 90-degree day fell on March 16, a couple weeks ahead of the average of March 30. The earliest 90-degree day on record was Feb 24, both in 1904 and 1986.

Here’s a daily run-down of this week’s projected high and low temperatures:

• Monday, Feb. 15: High of 84, low of 54
• Tuesday, Feb. 16: High of 89, low of 54
• Wednesday, Feb. 17: High of 92, low of 55
• Thursday, Feb. 18: High of 83, low of 52
• Friday, Feb. 19: High of 82, low of 55
• Saturday, Feb. 20: High of 84, low of 56

Looks like we are just that much closer to the summer heat that we all know and will travel as far away as we can from it.

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