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Just don’t do it: Internet makes it hard to lie on resumes

PHOENIX — Pretty little liars need not apply.

“I think lying on your resume is foolish, especially with the Internet” said Valley business owner Dave Riccio. “You don’t have to dig deep to find the truth these days.”

Riccio describes a situation in which he received an incredible resume…almost. It was well-written, articulate and it caught his attention. After Riccio met the job candidate in person, he did Internet searches to discover all of his work experience had been fabricated.

“If you are looking to hire someone, take the time to do an Internet search,” added Riccio. “It’s amazing what you’ll learn by simply Googling someone’s name.”

According to a new Harris poll on behalf of, nearly 60 percent of hiring managers said they discovered untruths on resumes. One third reported having seen exaggerated skill sets or accomplishments, post-recession.