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County: Most cats from hoarding house have to be put down

PHOENIX — More sad news about the 79 cats rescued from a hoarding house in Gilbert, Ariz. last month.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control said Wednesday that almost all of the cats had to be put down. Employees tried for awhile to treat the cats, but many of them tested positive for diseases and weren’t doing well when they integrated with other cats.

“In this case, not only were the cats not healthy, they just weren’t well-socialized, [even] semi-feral,” said Melissa Gable with animal care and control. “[They’re] not the type of cat that we would normally put up for adoption at our shelter.”

Gable added, however, that few of the felines will make it to the adoption process.

“Five [cats] went to a rescue partner,” she said. “There were two small kittens, and those kittens are both in foster care. We expect them to be up for adoption in the coming weeks.”

Gable said the best thing people can do to help out in situations, such as hoarding, is to go to a local shelter and adopt.