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Not here: Facebook smokes out Arizona marijuana dispensaries from site

PHOENIX — Cannabis patients in Arizona will no longer find any local medical marijuana dispensaries on Facebook.

The social networking website has suspended the accounts of all medical marijuana dispensaries in Arizona, as well as several other states.

Arizona Dispensary Association President J.P. Holyoak said none of the dispensary owners were informed before the pages were taken down.

“There was no explanation provided, it was simply, ‘We have decided to suspend this account,’” Holyoak said. “It was a surprise. Frankly, we didn’t see it coming.”

Medical marijuana dispensaries can legally operate in Arizona and Holyoak argued they are legitimate businesses.

“It simply doesn’t make sense in today’s social and political environment that they are doing this, but they are a private business,” he said. “(Facebook) can choose to accept any accounts that they want to, they can reject any of them that they want to.”

While Facebook does allow marijuana advocacy on its website, it does not allow content that promotes the sale of marijuana regardless of state or country. That also includes dispensaries.

In a statement sent to KTAR News, a Facebook spokesperson said its terms and conditions include “Community Standards” that highlight what is allowed on the site.

“Anyone can report content to us if they think it violates our standards.,” the statement read. “Our teams review these reports rapidly and will remove the content if there is a violation.”

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