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Top 5 Phoenix-area trails for National Take a Walk in the Park Day

With Wednesday being National Take a Walk in the Park Day, we thought we’d go about things a little differently.

Before you get up in arms, we’re aware that the Phoenix area has some amazing parks. It even has some great parks. But we thought it would be fun to put an Arizona twist on National Take a Walk in the Park Day and highlight some of the city’s more mountains recreation areas.

Ranked as one of the best hiking cities in the nation by National Geographic, Phoenix is a mecca of hiking and exploring of all kinds.

With 180 miles of desert trails in the Valley, these five hikes have been named by as the best in metro Phoenix for all lovers of adventure.

All of these hiking trails suit all fitness levels from relatively casual, low-strength trials to more advanced ones, guaranteed to give anyone a great workout.

There are many other choices around the area, of course, but these were considered the most popular and fairly representative of all the trail options in our area.

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