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Tucson man uses border wall as musical instrument

PHOENIX — Music can be found in the unlikeliest of places, and for one Tucson resident, it’s at a 20-foot-tall border fence.

Glenn Weyant, 50, a former college professor, is now a full-time dad. He has been creating music on the U.S. border fences since 2006.

Back in May, Weyant set up effects pedals, a small soundboard, microphones and a battery-powered amp at a section of wall in Sasabe, Ariz. He also brought along drum mallets, a cello bow and a viola. While the wall cannot be vandalized in any way, touching it is completely legal.

He then created the song “Escape Goat/Ghost,” which is part of a series called “Performance for Surveillance.” He even donned two masks, “because he said people in India wear masks on the back of their heads to ward off tigers,” according to Vice.