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Nonprofit for veterans walking through Mojave Desert to reach Phoenix

LISTEN: The Wounded Walk

PHOENIX — Two Marines have created The Wounded Walk to reach out to other veterans while trekking across the country.

The Wounded Walk is about to come through Phoenix, as Adam Shatarsky and Ross Delafield are leading a group that will be going 308 miles on foot through the Mojave Desert along Interstate 10. The two of them are calling this part of the journey “Mission Mojave,” which started last Friday.

“Ross and I, too, struggle with our demons, and we want our veterans to know that they’re not alone, and that their voice can be heard,” Shatarsky said.

Their nonprofit hopes to raise awareness of “an epidemic of veteran suicide,” while also aiming to raise funds for prevention efforts thereof.

“We definitely encourage people to come out and walk with us,” Delafield said. “And we also are planning to be able to afford the opportunity to other people to experience what we’re experiencing — and not only on a one-time thing. We want to have walks going all over the country.”

They said they hope to reach Phoenix by Sept. 1.