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Seeing double: Baby becomes adorably confused after a look at dad’s twin

In a real-life game of “Who’s Your Daddy?” a 1-year-old baby became adorably confused after being babysat by his father’s twin, according to Buzzfeed.

Stephen Ratpojanakul decided to play a little prank on his 16-month-old son Reed, passing the child back and forth into the hands of his twin brother Michael, who had previously been babysitting the tot.

After going back and forth from arm to arm, little Reed became so confused, eventually declaring both men to be his father.

To be honest, could you really blame him? They are identical, after all.

(By the way, in the video, Stephen is in the grey.)

(Photo: Stephen Ratpojanakul via Buzzfeed)

(Photo: Stephen Ratpojanakul via Buzzfeed)

The strangest part is that those aren’t the only set of twins Reed will have to deal with: His mom, Carroll, is also a twin!

“The fact that Carroll and I are both twins created an instant connection, even though neither of us ever expected to date another twin,” Ratpojanakul said in an interview with Buzzfeed.

Weirdly enough, Ratpojanakul said they tried the same experiment with his mom, but Reed passed with flying colors.

“No matter how identical they are, a baby always knows his mama,” he said in an interview with Buzzfeed.

Since the video was posted on Monday, it has gone viral, garnering nearly a million views on YouTube and more than 15 million on Facebook.

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