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Chandler offers HOAs loans to convert reclaimed water

PHOENIX — The Chandler City Council has come up with a plan that could affect the way grass is watered in some parts of the city.

In northern Chandler, subdivisions use water that is treated through the city’s reclaimed water system to irrigate parks and common areas.

But in the southern part of the city, there’s a problem.

“There are about 20 subdivisions that are governed by HOAs (homeowner associations) in Chandler that are in close proximity to our reclaimed water distribution center but are not hooked up to it,” said Chandler Public Information Officer Jim Phipps. “They’re having to use drinking water to irrigate their common areas.”

Many HOAs in the subdivisions can’t afford to tap into the system, but a new program will let the homeowner associations borrow up to $50,000 from the city to offset the cost, provided they can repay it within five years.

“It’s a win for the city, because they are using water that is recycled instead of our drinking water,” Phipps explained. “And it’s a win for the HOA, because the cost of using reclaimed water is about four to five times less than using potable drinking water.”

The HOA subdivisions must be controlled by their homeowners and not the subdivisions’ original developers to be eligible for the program.

Chandler is funding the program by using $250,000 collected through its citizens’ water bills.

Interested HOAs can call 480-782-3800 for more information.