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Phoenix voyeurisum suspect arrested

PHOENIX — Phoenix police have arrested a man accused of secretly filming video from underneath women’s skirts.

Clinton Leroy Hollister, 43, was arrested on Monday on 26 counts of voyeurism and attempted voyeurism.

Back on April 22, 2014, a woman, who was wearing a dress at the time, was at an Ahwatukee fabric store grew suspicious, after she saw the same man following her down numerous aisles. When his shopping basket brushed her leg, she looked down and saw a cell phone sitting in the basket, face-up, and with the video mode on.

The woman confronted the man, but he refused to show her what he had been recording. When the man learned the police were on the way, he fled the store.

In July, after identifying Hollister as a possible suspect in the incident, a search warrant was issued for his cell phone. “Numerous deleted files were recovered depicting similar surreptitious videos,” according to a press release.

About 20 secretive videos and attempted videos have been identified and another dozen may still exist. The videos were taken at fabric, wine and thrift stores across the East and Southeast Valley between April and July.

Phoenix police is asking for anyone with information about Hollister or anyone who may have been in contact with him to call (602) 534-2121.