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US Airways plane evacuated at Phoenix airport

PHOENIX — Emergency crews reportedly responded to a US Airways plane on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Tuesday.

KOAT-TV reporter Matt Howerton was on board SkyWest flight 2948 from Albuquerque to Phoenix when it was evacuated after landing.

“We were greeted by a flood of first responders and fire officials,” he said.

Howerton said the pilot informed the 64 passengers the plane was evacuated as a precaution. According to his Twitter page, the plane was emptied after it was indicated smoke was in the bathroom.

Passengers were bussed to terminals and taken to security checkpoints to be rescanned. Howerton said some had flights to catch within minutes.

There were no reported injuries and authorities say the cause of the smoke
aboard the plane isn’t immediately known.

KTAR’s Cooper Rummell and the Associated Press contributed to this report.