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Another technology company moves into the Valley

PHOENIX — The work by state and city leaders to promote Arizona appears to be working, as another technology-based company has decided to expand its business in the Valley.

“They definitely did a great job at building out the incentives. They’ve also done a great job at educating the companies in Silicon Valley about the opportunities and the great workforce,” said Colleen McCreary, chief people officer for Reputation.Com. “[It] sounds like our competitors and peers are trying to do the same thing. It seems like Arizona is becoming potentially the next little [Silicon] Valley.”

The decision to expand to Tempe near McClintock Drive and Guadalupe Road has resulted in the creation of 150 new jobs, including sales, publishing and editing, as well as some engineering and technical positions.

The California-based business specializes in turning a company’s negative reputation around.

“Sometimes, you’re not exactly happy with what’s coming up (in a search) or you need some help taking a look at that and realize the information is inaccurate,” explained McCreary. “We help you take that information down and we search for information about you on the Internet you may not have realized was out there.”