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Arizona brewers launch eco-friendly campaign

PHOENIX  —  Ninety to ninety-five percent of beer is water, so it seems like a no-brainer that  San Tan Brewing Company is investing in northern Arizona’s watersheds.

The Arizona brewers teamed up with the National Forest Foundation to launch “Tap to Top,” an eco-friendly campaign promoting the restoration of Arizona’s forests.

The NFF, San Tan Brewing Company and local beverage giant Crescent Crown Distributors pooled their resources to educate Phoenix area residents on where their beer (and water) really comes from.

Donations to the campaign will go to the Northern Arizona Forest Fund, which partners with the U.S Forest Service and local nonprofits to implement projects that reduce wildfire risk, limit erosion, restore native plants and enhance wildlife habitat.

“Through this campaign, we hope that Arizona residents learn about another important service our national forests provide — clean water that makes great beer!” said Marcus Selig, interim president of the NFF.

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