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Walmart donates supply bags to Valley school

PHOENIX — Summer spending for some Valley teachers became a little cheaper on Wednesday after a donation from Walmart.

Ten Creighton school district teachers received gift bags with $300 worth of school supplies. Walmart also donated 10 $100 gift cards to the district.

One of the recipients was Anna Teliszczak, an elementary school music teacher at Excelencia School in Phoenix, who said she was grateful for the donation.

“Usually, I spend money on notebooks, music books, decorations, including composer signs,” she said. “I usually spend about $300.”

That’s just to start the school year. Teliszczak said she spends up to $600 out of her own pocket for the entire school year.

She said that help from districts and the community would be great.

“Community stores giving us discounts is certainly very helpful,” Teliszczak said. “(Districts should) also should allot a small budget for teacher supplies, or to reimburse them for the supplies, would be helpful.”

She also said that some financial help from the state would be great.

Walmart made the donation to advertise Teacher Appreciation Week. From July 25-31, teachers will get 10 percent back on all classroom supplies and other school items purchased at Walmart.