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First day of school in Chandler has PD urging safety

PHOENIX — Summer vacation is already over for kids in Chandler as many will be packing lunches, getting dressed and heading back to school Monday morning.

Chandler Police said it wants to remind people to be alert and take extra precaution this week.

“We want to remind motorists that you’re probably going to experience a little bit heavier traffic in the morning and in the afternoons,” said Sgt. Joe Favazzo.

Favazzo said there will be a lot of kids on the streets and drivers need to be extra aware of kids heading to class.

“They’re excited to get there, so they might not always be looking to cross the street,” he said.

As Favazzo noted, that means drivers should obey all traffic laws, including speed limits and not passing buses with flashing red lights

“The speed limit is no more than 15 miles per house in that school zone (and) there’s no passing in that school zone,” he said.

Chandler Police Department will be keeping a sharp eye of neighborhoods and streets around schools as well to ensure everyone gets where they are going safely.

“Not only our motor officers, but you will see patrol officer working the beats where those schools are,”
Favazzo said. “We’ll be frequenting those areas; the motor officers will be randomly hitting different school zones at different times (on) different days, so just be aware that they’re out there.”

Favazzo also recommended parents designate and walk routes to school with their kids beforehand so that if there is ever a problem, parents can easily retrace their child’s steps instead of wondering which way they may have traveled home.