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Man makes ‘machine gun’ snowball weapon to thwart nephews, look like a Ghostbuster

This takes snow days to an entirely new level.

YouTube user Mark Rober posted a video of his self-made snowball gun, which he created after suffering at the hands of his nephews, who always outnumbered him in snowball fights.

The gun, made of a leaf blower and some PVC pipe, is capable of shooting up to 15 snowballs at a time in just half a second. It is also portable, like a backpack, making the user resemble a Ghostbuster.

Rober said in the video the user controls the speed of the snowballs, but nonetheless, we bet this weapon could scare off the meanest of bullies.

Unfortunately, there’s no snow here in the Valley for you to test out your newly-formed weapon, but you can always take the snowball gun to Flagstaff and see what type of damage you can cause.

(Take that, bullies!)

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